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We want to address some of the most frequent questions that travelers and aviation enthusiasts like you may have in our FAQs area. With SA_Airborne you can  experience the wonders of the skies and the attraction of many worth seeing regions in the whole world. So we can  look straight into the world of aviation and traveling.


How do airplanes stay in the air?

Aerodynamics provides the reason why airplanes stay in the air. They fight gravity by producing lift with their wings and propulsion from motors.

What are the major types of aircraft?

There are many types, but the main categories of aircraft include gliders, blimps, helicopters, aircraft, and robots.

What is the difference between a commercial and a private pilot’s license?

A private pilot’s license is only necessary for non-commercial, recreational flying, but a commercial pilot’s license allows you to be paid to fly, generally in a professional capacity. A commercial pilot is way better than a private pilot.

What is the role of air traffic control (ATC)?

The responsibility of air traffic control is to ensure the safe and efficient passage of airplanes in regulated airspace. Pilots always have to follow the rules and regulations given by air traffic control. They provide pilots with information and instructions in order to avoid crashes and control air traffic flow.


What is the best time to book airline tickets for the cheapest fares?

Generally, booking tickets well in advance or during airline fare sales can help you secure lower fares. However, the best time can vary depending on the destination and time of year.

How can I stay safe while traveling in a foreign country?

Studying, being aware of your surroundings, following local customs, and having important contact information, like the embassy or consulate of your nation, on you are all necessary for safe travel.

Which places are well-liked by adventure seekers when they travel?

Popular adventure travel destinations include Patagonia, Nepal, New Zealand, and Costa Rica, which provide hiking, mountain climbing, and water activities. Everyone wants to travel to these worthwhile places.

What is the best way to exchange currency when traveling abroad?

When traveling, it is customary to get local currency by using ATMs, currency exchange agencies, or credit cards with good conversion rates.


What is aperture in photography?

The aperture of a camera lens is the opening that regulates the quantity of light that enters the camera. It also has an impact on the depth of field in a shot.

How do I choose the right camera for my photography needs?

The camera you choose is determined by your photographic ambitions. Budget, kind of photography (e.g., portrait, landscape, animal), and desired characteristics are all factors to consider.

How can I improve my photography skills?

Practice, learning from others, trying new approaches, and studying composition and lighting are all part of improving your photographic talents.

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